==> Enjoy snacks and barbeque counter with bonfire (during winter), in two of our main lawns, one adjacent to restaurant and another facing Swimming Pool Block, to offer you garden fresh farmhouse look.

Entrance of Restaurant

Multi Cuisine Restaurant offers a wide array of eating options in garden fresh farm house style creations. In Restaurant Block, there is 50 x 50 feet well furnished air conditioned restaurant with Totally glazed wall, to have a vast view of beautiful gardening of The Wild Crest, in adjacent three lush green lawns.

Interior of Restaurant

There is adequate space for 150 persons in restaurant with chairs and sofas sitting.

Interior of Restaurant

Celebrate your afternoon or evening with lunch or snacks, amidst the lush green gardens of The Wild Crest. Toast to the perfect holiday to a selection of evening snacks and beverages at the buffet counters in Swimming Pool Lawn..